5C Model for Business & IT Solution Portfolio Management (SPM)


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Finding the Code Halo for Personalised Customer Experience:

A context model for Customer-centric situational services

Alliance Partnerships from Tactical to Strategic

There are many business partnerships in the market, but some are more credible than others.

One way to gauge credibility is to recognise that successful alliances require solid investment from both partners as stakeholders in the relationship.

Investment comes in a number of different forms e.g:

Executive Sponsorship.
Both companies have dedicated senior executives to sponsor and drive the alliance.
Technology expertise.
Enablement and training of each parties technology, product(s) and services.
Sharing knowledge.
Proprietary knowledge is shared at a deep level between employees of both firms under controlled conditions and with appropriate non-disclosure agreements in place.
Joint solutions.
Significant investment is made in the development of joint solutions that both companies can take to market.
Strategic partners with mutual skin in the game will typically invest significantly in people resources dedicated to the alliance programme across the major markets, segments or territories.
Targeted demand generation campaigns, industry events, analyst briefings, and market communications including on social media channels requires specific focus and alliance funds.

We can't change the economic climate. The marketplace will go on being volatile, competitive and tough.

For top-line growth we need motivated sales people on either side of the partner model, to make this practical we need to start by answering the following questions:

  • Do I get more opportunities ?
  • Am I going to see more potential clients, have them take me more seriously and will they be more likely to close a deal ?
  • Do I get more resources ?
  • When I am writing a proposal against an impossible deadline, up against harsh competition and I need help, who is going to give back up, know how and practical support ?
  • Do I get a competitive edge ?
  • Does this alliance partnership translate into credibility with the client that helps me differentiate against or neutralise the competition ?
  • Above all, will this alliance help me make my numbers and exceed my personal and company targets ?

Systems of Interaction, Engagement and Record

Heatmap Abstract

In considering where to invest in business model and operational innovations there are typically 10 core business value enablers to consider:

  1. Shareholder Capital
  2. CapEx and/or OpEx Financing
  3. Human Capital
  4. Products - Intellectual Property, Core, and Differentiating
  5. Services - Portfolio offerings
  6. Sales Model, Business Partners and Channels
  7. Business Process and Service Optimisation
  8. Industry Standards and Best Practices
  9. Tools and Accelerators
  10. Formal Methods